Business Management Division

Business processes

Our mission is to optimize critical business processes, and provide tangible benefits to our customers, in a methodological framework aligned with Best Practices. We smoothly coordinate transformation initiatives, ensuring that they remain aligned with business objectives and we collaborate to maintain an optimal cost/benefit ratio between investments and expenditures.

  • Identification of critical and non-critical processes Mapping, Modeling and Improvement
  • Definition of scope, roles and responsibilities
  • Coverage relationship between processes and the solutions installed
  • Accompaniment in the implementation of the Improvement Plan

Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Definition of the scope and responsibilities of the PMO
  • Impact analysis
  • Project Plan Definition
  • Quality Assurance Maturity
  • Model Change Management Training

Balanced Scorecard

  • Vision, Mission and Goals of the Organization
  • Design of organizational structures
  • Formation of teams Relationship and communication models
  • Knowledge management Decision schema

This continuous improvement process will make it possible to generate improvements in outcome measures such as: quality, service, costs, responsiveness, focus on customers, etc., and to promote the use of innovative technologies, which enhance the prospects of these organizations.

IT Security Division

Security review

Survey, analysis and diagnosis of the IT security scheme and of the control points within the technology environment. The risk areas to be analyzed include:

  • Logic security
  • Physical security of the Computer Center
  • Contingency plan
  • Data protection and recovery
  • Cryptographic scheme
  • Communications scheme
  • PIN Protection
  • Event Recording Password Management

Development and implementation of IT Security Plan

Risk assessment, diagnosis and development of the IT security plan, drafting of policies and standards manual, plan monitoring and control.
Based on the security review, the measures, mechanisms and tools are established necessary for resolving the vulnerabilities detected.

Development of Security Policy and Standards Manual

Definition and drafting of the Security Policies and Standards Manual, which is the guide to action and the regulatory framework within which the business activities are run.

Analysis of Fraudulent Activities

Detection of vulnerabilities in critical business functions that enable potential fraudulent activities by internal and/or external agents.

Manpower Division

Provision of staff

We can rely on a large staff of professionals with solid knowledge and experience in various platforms and development tools, to be at the disposition of the customer for a defined period, supporting the tasks that require immediate attention with a high level of productivity.


Our methodology, technical and languages courses, which may be open or specially programmed to meet specific requirements, help the technical staff of the company to improve productivity and quality in system development, and our ‘Office’ tools courses aid the end users to optimize their performance of daily tasks with greater fluency.


We provide our customers with consulting services on the incorporation of new technologies, which are a key factor in their reengineering processes and marketing strategies. We ensure that the IT plans remain aligned with business objectives, so that investments and spending in the area maintain an optimal cost/benefit ratio.


We can manage and operate, in strict coordination with customers and according to their needs, their application development and maintenance area, becoming their virtual IT department, a structure that minimizes costs and improves results.

Software Development Division

Systems development, implementation and maintenance

We assist in the planning, analysis, design, building and implementation of systems, providing this service in projects with a clearly defined scope, timing and costs, facilitating the interaction between our professional staff and the customer’s staff, in a relationship that enables targets to be met on time, in optimal form and quality.

This service is offered in one or at all stages of a project:

  • Functional analysis and design
  • Detailed analysis and design
  • Programming
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Certification

Technical support

In this area we provide services on:

  • Operating Systems
  • Procedures
  • Programming techniques and project control
  • Databases
  • Software selection and evaluation
  • Multimedia technology
  • Design
  • Data communication networks
  • Planning, administration and control
  • Performance review
  • Internet / Intranet

Application software packages

Identification, evaluation, selection and implementation of high quality software packages developed with the best software tools, both our own and of third parties.

Turnkey solutions

Integrating from the planning to the provision of hardware and software, implementation and commissioning.


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