Audit Mgt., Fraud and Asset Laundering Prevention Systems

SIDEF - Fraud Detection System

SIDEF - Fraud Detection System

It's a complete software that allows to detect inusual operations giving a higher Operative Security to institutions.

Informed Lists

Informed Lists

It's a product developed to accomplish control operations standards about active frauds and fight against terrorism, alligned with international standards about these problems, based on national and international publications, and several sources of different proceed, every one of them publicated and reliable.


  • It prevents potencial risks with current or future client's operations.
  • It reduces the possibility of making operations with persons or enterprises which are informed in lists.
  • It's alligned with Pep's international definition standards.
  • It provides permanent upgrades and informs the users automatically the changes on the processed lists (dozens of international lists).
  • Pep´s upgrades through our own analyzers equipment, which complements daily the exposed persons list.
  • In addition, lists are completed with data provided by enterprises specialized in commercial reports, with people's financial and legal data
  • Name control through phonetic application.
  • It uses algorithms to control word similitude in the search.
  • Elimination of common words (Mr. Ave. Sr. Etc.)
SOI - Unusual Operations System Detector

SOI - Unusual Operations System Detector

This software allows to detect inusual operations giving a higher Operative Security to the enterprise.


  • It gives an easy events administration, thanks to the flexibility of its parameter module, sending in simultaneous, both supervition or audit to different operative sectors.
  • It allows to operate with different platforms because of its totally parametrical data capture module. With it, it's possible to process transactions, with independence from the client's systems.
  • It's delivered with detection functions and events already customized, ready to be operated, giving the possibility to incorporate in a quickly way new control methods that weren't thought as a product standard.
  • It counts with an automatic auditor, which controls pending events that haven't been carried out by the responsibles. In addition, this feature allows to send e-mail and notes by mail or fax, to decentralized clients or resposibles.
  • It gives the possibility to store the operative processes for every generated action inside the alert circuits.

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